PDC IHeart->Hardware();

This week there are two events running at the same time, Embedded Systems Conference East here in Boston, and the PDC in LA – Most of the embedded team are at the ESC East event (obviously!), Dion, John Coyne, and Cuong Pham are down at PDC, manning the embedded booth and attending sessions.

It looks like PDC name badges have two card slots, one for the name badge, and one for optional badges to be collected around the conference (things like “I met the Channel9 guy”), not to be outdone, Dion created some Windows Embedded badges that say “IHeart->Hardware();” – quite amusing! – although, where’s the CoInitialize and CoCreateInstance!


Some of the embedded crew arrived in Boston on Sunday afternoon (a fairly long flight (thankfully direct though) from Seattle). Today is setup, rehearsals (keynote, sessions, labs), and, given the three hour time difference, plenty of visits to Starbucks.

Last night Olivier Bloch and I dropped in on the hands on lab room to check on setup, we have ~30 lab machines with content covering both Windows Embedded CE and Windows Embedded Standard.


One reason to attend the Windows Embedded keynote is a giveaway of VIA Artigo boards to all keynote attendees!! – hopefully see you there.

- Mike

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