The Best Coffee Cart in the world?

I've been in Cambridge, UK for the last few days, and spotted perhaps the best coffee cart in the world (see below).

Cambridge 257

The coffee making kit is on the back of the car (click to get the large version of the image).

Very cool!

- Mike

Comments (4)

  1. Jaggy says:

    This questions is little out of scope regarding this entry, but as I was not able to post on the original entry I decided to do it here….

    How do I know which QFEs I have installed in Windows Embedded CE 6.0?

    I know how to do it for Win CE 5.0 (, but, what about 6.0?

    Best regards

  2. Mike says:


    In PB6, select Tools | Platform Builder for CE 6.0 | CE Update Check.

    – Mike

  3. Steven Jack says:

    Nice post & its very cool.I think UK is the best coffee cart in the world .

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