Use Live Search to find CE 6.0 information.

Have you ever wanted to search the CE 6.0 online documentation (yes, of course you have!), the problem with typical search engines is that you get a ton of other links/information back that isn't quite so useful.

Veronica, one of the CE 6.0 documentation team has created a handy macro to make it easy for you to search just the CE 6.0 online documentation - here's the link.

- Mike

Comments (2)

  1. shai says:

    I was about to write that Google is just fine for me, but then I tried to do the same search in both your MACRO and Google, and your Macro was better.

    So – Thanks I’ll start using it.

    The search I tried was – ndisconf,

    funny thing is that if you search ndisconf you get nothing, but if you search for ndisconfig you get to the desired results. How come??? This problem exists in the PB help as well, and the point being that you have to know exactly what the search engine expects you to input in order to get to the information you want. That is not supposed to be the way to search information in my opinion.

    Thanks anyway,


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