Imagine Cup – Embedded Finals

The finals of the Imagine Cup are coming up tomorrow, July 8th - the theme for this years competition is "Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment", this sounds like the perfect challenge for embedded hardware and software engineering!

There are six teams through to the Windows Embedded competition finals (see below) - the teams build a customized Windows Embedded CE 6.0 operating system image as part of their competition entry, each team uses the same baseline hardware (ICOP eBox), the teams can of course expand on the base hardware by adding their own peripherals.

Embedded Development Finalists

  • China – Wings
    • Team Members: Shibiao Xu, Junjie Li, Zhongjie Wang, Lei Yan
  • Ireland – Acid Rain
    • Team Members: Brian Byrne, Aodhan Coffey, Karl O’Dyer
  • Korea – Here Rose
    • Team Members: Hyon Lim, Aram So
  • Poland – Aero@PUT
    • Team Members: Piotr Kryger, Mikołaj Małaczyński, Jakub Pawłowski, Piotr Slęzak
  • Singapore – Trail Blazers
    • Team Members: Pinto James Dominic, Shi Ben Yong, Hu Shuhan, Denver Lim
  • Ukraine – Sun Round Sky Around
    • Team Members: Tsopa Oleksandra, Makovetskiy Sergey, Tkalich Inna

The Microsoft Channel 8 team have been doing the rounds at the Imagine Cup with their shaky camera, here's a video clip of one of the embedded teams (Ireland, Acid Rain) showing a vehicle that's been adapted to run on vegetable oil.

- Mike

Comments (4)

  1. PeterFnet says:

    I did ImagineCup when I was in college, definitely a great time. No teams from the US this year?

    Figured that I would check the site, but it’s already changes to Egypt 09.

  2. PeterFnet says:

    Seems like there were some people from the US over there, but I just remembered that there was typically 1 finalist from each country in each category.!3881675633140DB4!604.entry

  3. Glad to see Ukraine in the final !!! When I was a student we also planned to take part in this competition, but later (unfortunatly) the plans of our university changed.

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