Another Windows Embedded Blog: Meet John Coyne…

John Coyne is a Systems Engineer in the OEM Embedded Devices group at Microsoft - if you attended TechEd 2008 Developers (or stuck around for the second week of TechEd IT-Pro) then you probably saw John either presenting, or on the show floor answering questions about Windows Embedded "stuff".

Anyhow - John has started a blog about Windows Embedded "Stuff"

John doesn't seem to be sure why anyone would read his blog - I think the answer is obvious... John is one of the systems engineers that is constantly in front of customers, so has a real world view of customer issues and cool/interesting projects.

Go take a look at the blog, and add it to your favorite RSS feeds (you can always delete it later!).

- Mike

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  1. John C [MS] says:

    Aww… <blushing> Thanks, Mike. 🙂

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