Mikes content at TechEd 2008 Developers.

I'm going to be at TechEd 2008 Developers next week, in Sunny old Florida (sunny and very humid). There are two sessions that I'm presenting, and a bunch of embedded sessions where I will be "lurking" to answer questions.

The two sessions are:

Wednesday June 4th, 10:15am, Room S230G

Become a Windows Embedded CE Developer in 60 Minutes

This session is a fast paced run through of the WinCE operating system history, architectural changes across versions, differences between WinCE and Desktop, real-time architecture, and development tools - we will also take a look at the development process, examine kernel source, build an operating system live on stage (without a safety net!), and do some kernel debugging - all in 60 of your earth minutes!!

Thursday June 5th, 12:00, Room S220A

A Conversation with Windows Embedded Software Architect and Blogger (me!)

This session gives you the ability to bring any of your questions about .NET Micro Framework, Windows Embedded CE, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded for Point of Service, operating system development, architecture, tools, and of course requests for new features - the session will be structured around the questions you have rather than being a typical powerpoint driven session.

Here's the slides I've put together for the session so far...

  • // TODO: Add some slides here...

If you don't bring questions then I may have to resort to 45 minutes of cool embedded demos!

The last time I worked at TechEd Orlando was 2005, I presented sessions and also ran around with some of the Microsoft Studios team recording Video Podcasts - the Orlando conference center is HUGE, so we ended up hiring Segways to get around for the week (see video here) much fun!!

Hope to see you at TechEd Developers!

- Mike

Comments (5)

  1. beanie says:

    Any plans for Windows Embedded CE/Compact to support PowerPC?  The big three embedded architectures are ARM, PowerPC and MIPS.  Obviously, ARM is the most popular.  My guess is that PowerPC is the second most popular, but is not supported by WinCE.  

    XBox 360 is PowerPC-based.  So Microsoft has a secret OS which uses the Power architecture.

  2. mikehall says:

    There are no immediate plans to support PowerPC on Windows CE. We constantly evaluate the main processor types that customers need for the type of applications built on Windows CE, today this is ARM, MIPS, x86 and SH4.

    – Mike

  3. GeorgeM says:

    Are there any plans to put up video podcasts of your 2008 sessions?

  4. mikehall says:

    Yes, I will work with the embedded evangelism team to get sessions recorded and posted online.

    – Mike

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