RoboChamps competition is open for business!

RoboBling_RobotToday the RoboChamps web site goes live - RoboChamps is an extremely interesting competition, you, the developer, get to play with Visual Studio (Express or above), Robotics Developer Studio 2008, and some amazing simulation environments (Maze solving, Mars Rover, RoboChamps City, Rescue Environment, and more).

You will need to program your robot to solve a number of problems - the Maze challenge isn't as simple as finding the exit, the maze contains additional challenges (and traps!) for you to solve or avoid.

The competition is 'virtual', meaning that you don't actually need hardware to get started, all you need is Visual Studio Express (or above), Robotics Developer Studio 2008 (the CTP is available now), and the RoboChamps Competition downloads (which includes the simulation environment).

Even though the competition is 'virtual', the finals of the competition will be held live, at the PDC in October, with real hardware! - and if you are planning on going to TechEd 2008 look out for the RoboChamps booth in the exhibition hall.

There are plenty of tutorials to jump start your competition entry. So what are you waiting for? - stop reading this blog page and go and sign up!

- Mike

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