Bad day for e-mail, and ASP.NET for Windows CE

A typical morning in the office gets started with browsing my Outlook Inbox for questions about Windows Embedded tools and technologies and replying to any questions that have come in overnight, this usually consumes ~30 minutes.

This morning wasn't any different, I had a number of inbound e-mails asking questions about Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, application development, dependency resolution etc...

The first question was asking about ASP.NET support on Windows CE - I quickly typed up the response (see below), and hit "Send", within seconds the e-mail bounced, moving onto the second question, that also bounced. Something strange is going on today...

And then I checked my Inbox... Hmmm...


So, to answer the question about ASP.NET support on Windows CE - Windows CE does not support ASP.NET directly, the Web Server that ships with Windows CE does support ASP, ISAPI, and native code (ATL/COM object) XML Web Services - those clever chaps over at OpenNETCF do have an implementation of ASP.NET running on Windows CE that they call Padarn

- Mike

Comments (3)

  1. John Coyne says:

    That’s never good… maybe your laptop is in need of an exorcism  😉

  2. krishna says:

    dont mess with the devil..but i thought you worked the devil himself..>:)

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