Conference levels (100-400) – what do they mean?

With Embedded Systems West (April 14-18), and TechEd Developers 2008 (June 3-6) rapidly approaching we will be publishing the list of sessions and labs that will be presented at each conference - you may have seen that conference sessions get tagged with a level (100-400), but what exactly do the levels mean, and how much content at each level would you expect to have at an event?

I snagged the following explanation from Jeremy Mazners blog

<Added by Mike>

  • 100 level (Intro level content, could be delivered by "marketing") smile_regular
    • No previous knowledge of this subject required
    • May contain roadmap and general overview of product features
    • May or may not contain code/demos

</Added by Mike>

  • 200 level (generally anchor and overview sessions)
    • Focuses on broad technology overview
    • Emphasizes capabilities, scenarios and value
    • Simple code samples to make a point
  • 300 level (generally scenario sessions)
    • Focuses on demonstrating how to implement a solution
    • Detailed code samples and architecture to show how it all fits together
  • 400 level (generally deep technical internals sessions)
    • Focuses on internals, the how and why
    • Emphasizes internal architectural considerations and decisions and how they impact real-world usage
    • Code samples that illustrate the behavior of the component
  • Or, you could look at the posting by John Howard that explains the session levels in terms of Chocolate.

    - Mike

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