Microsoft Unveils Its First Windows Embedded R&D Centre in Europe

Microsoft today announced the launch of its first Microsoft Embedded Systems Development Centre (MESDC) in Aachen, Germany. The MESDC is part of Microsoft's effort to expand regional development centres in Denmark, France, Ireland, Serbia, the UK and other countries across Europe. The centre will support global product development and drive smart, connected, service-oriented device development.

Located within the European Microsoft Innovation Centre (EMIC) in Aachen, the MESDC is a significant part of the US$75 million (US) global R&D investment that the Windows Embedded Business is making in Europe this fiscal year.

The complete news release can be found here.

Interestingly, the Microsoft Embedded Development Systems Development Center (MESDC) is hiring! - if you are interested in a Program Manager, or Developer role then check out the open jobs at EMIC page here.

- Mike

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