Aachen to Nuremberg @ 130mph.

The trip from Aachen to Nuremberg went pretty well, a few slow spots (around Frankfurt for example), and some heavy rain that slowed everything down. We did manage to make "reasonable progress" on more than one occasion - Mike Glass (back seat of the car) managed to take a slightly shaky photo of us traveling at just over 220kph (130mph) <g>


Tomorrow we're at Embedded World in Nuremberg - I will let you know if there's anything cool or interesting going on at the show.

- Mike

Comments (4)

  1. 220 kmph… With 1 HAND ONLY !


  2. ArekZ says:

    Very exciting. Do you also take photos when you change to the 5th gear?

    BTW. Slightly over 220km/h is 140mph (not 130), the top speed of better family cars. However, whilst driving at this speed check your rear view mirror often not to block the traffic. You might be overtaken by quite a few cars driving 250km/h (155mph).


  3. AJ says:

    … and a few cars go even faster. I saw a Cayenne Turbo a few weeks ago: about 270 km/h (=167mph) with 4 passengers!!!

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