Walk about in Aachen.

Today we finished our meetings in Aachen (Germany) at a good time, jetlag was catching up with Chris, Mike, and I, you could easily see that there were a number of very tired looking people in the meeting room. So we decided to go and eat somewhere in the Aachen town center and then head back to the hotel, catch up on some work, and hopefully get an early night.

Aachen is a really nice town, last time I was here was December of last year - In December the central market area was packed full of people, all drinking some form of hot Christmas wine - thankfully the market area wasn't quite so busy this evening and it was fairly easy to find an excellent eatery. Some of the buildings in the town center date back to the 1800's and still look in amazingly good condition (see the image below).

Vox_Dec_9th 007

Here's a view of the same building from the front...

Vox_Dec_9th 009

and on the opposite side of the same market square is an amazing church.

Vox_Dec_9th 008

Getting a few minutes to walk around in towns like Aachen, Nuremburg, and Shenzhen is awesome - it's a pity we don't typically get much down time on trips like this to really experience all than a town has to offer.

- Mike

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