Feb 21st 2008: Webinar: Development of Consumer Electronics Devices with Windows XP Embedded

Date and Time: February 21, 2008 @ 1:00-2:00 PM PST

During this live online 60 minute presentation, You will learn that XP Embedded has and can be used in a variety of Consumer electronic solutions because of so key embedded enabling feature and core OS functionality.

Technical decision makers and developers will hear from Microsoft system engineers and Microsoft Embedded Experts online via live meeting for Microsoft Embedded products introduction, technical demonstrations of the developer tools and time for questions.

Discover Windows XP Embedded for Consumer Electronics
Windows XP Embedded is being used in a variety of applications from gaming machines to test equipment to industrial controls. Having support for a variety of hardware and support for multimedia software make Windows XP embedded an ideal platform for set-top boxes, car PC, and home entertainment systems. This looks at the features and implementation for using XP Embedded in consumer electronics

Walk through what XP Embedded offers, and how to build a simple media player platform.

The webcast is for anyone from hobbyist to OEM interested in developing consumer electronic devices based on PC technology.

Special NEW ZUNE Drawing
Registration for this event enters you in our special drawing for a NEW ZUNE Digital Media Player at the end of event. The NEW Zune digital media player features wireless sync, extended wireless sharing, new innovative touch controls, a built-in FM tuner, recorded television content to go, and more…

Register today for your chance to win.

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