WE-DIG: Online Chat and Video – Porting BSPs to CE 6.0

The Windows Embedded Developer Interest Group (WE-DIG) have managed to get Travis Hobrla from the Windows CE development team to record and publish a session that discusses porting a CE 5.0 BSP to CE 6.0 - the video is online (see below).

This months WE-DIG meeting is going to be slightly different, in that anyone can take part by asking questions in a LIVE online Q&A with Travis to discuss the porting video.

Here's how to get the video, and how to attend the chat.

Porting BSPs to Windows Embeddd CE 6.0
Join Travis Hobrla in this live chat to discuss porting of Windows CE 5.0 BSPs to Windows Embedded CE 6.0. Attendees should view the session presentation on MSDN Channel 9 before atteding the chat - https://channel9.msdn.com/Showpost.aspx?postid=376154

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February 6, 2008
6:30 P.M. Pacific Time
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Let me know whether you think this is a good format for you to get technical information about the Windows Embedded products - if this works well then I think we should do more of these.

- Mike

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