.NET Micro Framework Tetris – the gauntlet has been thrown!

About this time last year I was heading to Paris (France, not Texas) to present at a developers conference - topics included Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded for Point of Service, and of course the .NET Micro Framework - I was in need of a super cool demo for the Micro Framework that showed off the capabilities of the development environment, and hardware running NETMF.

Since the reference board I was using (a Freescale board) had a D-PAD on it I decided to write a simple game of Space Invaders - the core game took just a couple of hours to get up and running - and here's the video from the conference with Olivier Bloch also showing one of his demos.

The Space Invaders game was (relatively) cool [no bases, no 'mother ship'], it turns out that Pavel Bánský a field engineer has written an AMAZING implementation of Tetris for the .NET Micro Framework (check out the code, and video!)

Tetris based on .NET Micro Framework

The .NET Micro Framework SDK, and the Embedded Fusion SDK and Emulator are free to download (links on the Tetris blog page) - Can you do one better than Pavel and write a version of some other game? (just for fun, obviously - if you do, then post a video online somewhere and send me a link).

- Mike

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