TechEd 2008 Developers (June 3-6) – Call for "Embedded" Content

TechEd 2008 is one of the events that will be replacing the Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC) this year. We will have an embedded track at TechEd Developers which is running from June 3-6.

If you are interested in submitting content for the track then send me an e-mail and I will provide you the logon information for the TechEd content site.

We will also have sessions at TechEd IT Pro (mostly focused around device management), let me know if you would like to submit content for the IT Pro conference.

Any questions?

- Mike

Comments (5)

  1. paul says:

    Including Robotics?

  2. mikehall says:

    we’re taking submissions for all content related to embedded development, which could include robotics.

    Note that we have a limited number of sessions at the event, so the track owner will be running a triage session to ensure we have the right content at the event.

    – Mike

  3. Adrian Edmonds says:

    I attended MEDC in Berlin in 2007. Doesn’t sound like there’s a conference for me this year. My key concerns are WXP Embedded and . NET development. Is there nothing in Europe at all?

  4. mikehall says:

    we’re going to be publishing the session titles and abstracts that have been submitted for ESC West and TechEd US shortly (keep an eye on the blog for that).

    TechEd Europe tends to be a slightly different event, we’ve been presenting embedded content since 1997 (I presented a session on eMbedded Visual C++ back then!) – Europe seems to be more open to having mobile and embedded content at their event.

    I will publish the list of events and sessions as this becomes available.

    – Mike

  5. michel pinton says:

    So no US MEDC 2008?  Previous MEDCs have been really good environments for both semi-in-depth technical exposure to many WinCE subjects and introduction to new release information (e.g. switch from CE5 to CE6,etc).  

    Is there not sufficient interest or is it that this year has nothing coupled to it (e.g. no new release)?

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