GigaPixel Panorama – Windows CE, ICOP eBox – Cool!

Here’s another really cool project from Georgia Institute of Technology – the GigaPixel Panorama project – the project page has more information about the project and an image that clearly shows the ICOP eBox. – Mike


Digitally Assisted Billiards

This is extremely cool, digitally assisted billiards running on Windows Embedded CE 6.0, software developed using Visual Studio 2005. Here’s a link to the project page. – Mike

ESC Boston presentations are now (really) online.

The ESC Boston presentations are now (really) online and DRM free 🙂 Here’s the blog post from Oliver – this lists all of the presentations and links to the documents. – Mike

Problems with ESC Boston slides download.

I’ve had reports from a number of you that the slides from ESC Boston can’t be downloaded, it looks like some form of DRM/IRM has been applied to the content – I’ve got the embedded web team looking into the issue, I will post an update once the slides are “really” available for download. -…


Slides from ESC Boston now available online.

Olivier Bloch has just posted all of the session slides from ESC Boston online – here’s the blog post and session listing. Here are the two sessions I presented: Develop the next generation of Windows Embedded CE applications using Visual Studio and .Net or native code This demo heavy breakout session walks you through and…


This weeks international food tasting experience…

A couple of weeks ago a few people in the team had an international food tasting experience, starting with Spotted Dick and custard – This week we decided to step up a notch, trying “Baked Beans” from around the world, in this case three US bean varieties (two Van Camps, and one Bush’s), and Heinz…


Play media from .NET Compact Framework on Windows Embedded CE

I got an e-mail this morning that contained a link to an interesting series of blog posts on the topic of “Playing media from the .NET Compact Framework on Windows Embedded CE” – the series of blog posts review a number of potential approaches to playing media, including hosting the web browser control in the…


Back to Basic…

Remember when you first got started programming, probably using Basic? (actually, my first touch into programming was in assembler on a mainframe, but that’s another story). Basic programming was simple and lightweight, probably using GWBasic (Gee Whiz Basic) or similar, just typing some stuff, and running the code – simple, fast, and fun! Introducing Small…


Online training content for CE 6.0 (Videos, Documentation)

To assist Spark developers get up to speed creating their “home of the future” (Sparks will fly competition) projects there’s a series of training modules that have just been published online – Whether you are new to embedded development, or already have Windows programming knowledge there’s probably something new to learn! – here’s a breakdown…


Sending e-mail from .NET Micro Framework

Pavel Bánský has been working on more cool .NET Micro Framework, I just found this article over on his blog – Pavel has written an SMTP class that makes it easy to send e-mails from the .NET Micro Framework, including attachments! – very cool. – Mike