Imagine Cup 2008, Paris, France – Register your team now !

Imagine a world where technology is an ally of the planet, not an adversary. A world where software enables us to interpret environmental indicators, predict the outcomes of our actions, improve our consumption of precious resources, and live more in balance with our environment. In Imagine Cup 2008, we challenge the top student technologists around the world to actively contribute to the mission of protecting our world for generations to come. The theme of this year’s Imagine Cup is "Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment."

For some, a sustainable environment means something as simple as breathing fresh air each time they open their window. For others it means making significant changes in key environmental indicators. Any way you look at it, you get to decide how technology can help solve this problem for yourself, your country, and yeah…even the planet.

With 3 Billion embedded devices expecting to ship this year, and 2 Billion of those having some form of connectivity the opportunity for building embedded devices that are smart about their power usage, or are able to monitor other, existing systems, either in the home, or enterprise environment is huge!

The Embedded Development Competition is open for teams to sign up!


  • Registrations opened on August 25th 2007
  • Competition started on September 1st 2007
  • First Round closes on Feb 1st 2008
  • Second Round starts on Feb 22nd 2008
  • Second Round closes on May 2nd 2008
  • World-Wide finalists will be announced on May 23rd 2008
  • FINALS - Paris, France - July 3-8

- Mike

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