CE 6.0 R2 Launch Preparations in Yokohama/Japan.

The CE 6.0 R2 launch webcast is starting in about 20 minutes! (and will be available to view after the event), preparations are also underway in Yokohama/Japan for the "Live" keynote presentation at Embedded Technology World.

Unfortunately I'm not in Japan for the live launch event, so will be viewing the webcast from the comfort of the Microsoft Campus Building 117 Cafe (I will get some photos).


So how are the intrepid launch crew getting on in Japan? - The hardware has arrived and made it through customs in time for the event (always a good thing!) - here you can see the keynote stage with a Beckhoff DPWS/WSD home automation demo being setup.


Of course, jetlag is always a problem with international travel, so the crew needs to get a regular top up from the local beverage store...


And, of course will select one of their holiday favorites, Gingerbread Latte sounds 'interesting'...


There's a ton of work that goes into putting a launch event together (you will see that from the Webcast) - typically there are multiple rehearsals in Redmond, and a few 'on-site' rehearsals (and meetings with Translators to run through the entire keynote deck and demos) - here we can see Adam Jaffe from the Windows Embedded PR team assisting with the keynote setup/rehearsals (Adam is the guy in the middle of the photo that looks like the Riddler).


- Mike

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