CE 6.0 for Hobbyists

Today, Kevin Dallas (General Manager for the Windows Embedded Business at Microsoft) announced the "Spark" initiative during the CE 6.0 R2 launch event - Today we have two versions of CE 6.0 available, the evaluation edition (which runs for 180 days), and the full version of the product that retails for $995.

Up to now we've really focused on professional embedded developers, with the "Spark" initiative we're expanding the community to hobbyist developers that are working on embedded and robotics projects - the hobbyist package will contain a FULL version of Visual Studio 2005 Standard, a FULL version of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 and a low cost hardware reference design (more information on pricing and board availability coming soon!). The great thing is that the FULL products don't time out - the only restriction is that you cannot use the products for commercial development.

The second part of the initiative is to remove the cost of BSP (Board Support Package) certification, which today costs $1500.

More information on the CE 6.0 R2 product, and features can be found here.


- Mike

Comments (4)

  1. sfiorito says:

    That’s awesome news! How about XPe for Hobbyists too???

  2. mikehall says:

    Windows XP Embedded is potentially already interesting for the hobbyist space, the tools don’t time out, so you can build custom operating systems based on Windows XP Embedded and deploy these to hardware – the down side is that the custom operating systems will time out after 120 days.

    – Mike

  3. sfiorito says:

    Yeah, sorry I meant an hobbyist non-commercial license for XPe.

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