CE 6.0 R2 – Launch event and keynote video

On Thursday November 15th at 9am (Pacific time) an update to CE 6.0 will be launched. The update, called CE 6.0 R2 (Release 2) is being launched at Embedded Technology World in Yokohama, Japan.

If you are not able to make it to the live event in Japan but still want to know about the new features in CE 6.0 R2 then you are invited to the Webcast Launch Event on Thursday November 15th at 9am Pacific - the Webcast will last for 45 minutes.

Since Kevin Dallas, the General Manager of the Windows Embedded Business will be in Japan at the time of the Webcast we've pre-recorded the keynote and demos - here's a photo of Kevin recording the keynote at Microsoft Studios.


So what exactly is CE 6.0 R2 ? - The CE 6.0 R2 download site (which is already live!) lists the features that are shipping in this release. CE 6.0 R2 is two things:

  1. CE 6.0 R2 updates the CE 6.0 component catalog with a number of new catalog items, this includes WSD (Web Services on Devices - also known as Devices Profile for Web Services [DPWS]), and more - note that the install doesn't change your existing CE 6.0 projects or BSPs. This is not a tools update, but a component/technology update for the existing CE 6.0 product.
  2. The second part of the CE 6.0 R2 install is an update for all CE 6.0 QFEs - This means that your CE 6.0 product will be up to date with the latest QFE (Quick Fix Engineering) updates.

Expect to see more information about CE 6.0 R2 over the coming weeks.

- Mike

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  1. j.spraul says:

    Is the ‘Web Services on Devices’ stack all native code on the device side?

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