OpenNETCF: ASP.NET for Windows CE 5.0 and Windows CE 6.0

Those amazing OpenNETCF guys have done it again! - I've seen a number of requests for ASP.NET support on Windows CE, and now it's available from OpenNETCF!

Here's a snip from the OpenNETCF "Padarn" ASP.NET implementation:

Padarn is a very small-footprint ASP.NET web server designed to run under Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0.  Padarn provides a subset of the Microsoft's ASP.NET which allows OEMs to leverage existing ASP.NET code and ASP.NET developer resources to get their embedded product to market faster.  Using Padarn also helps facilitate sharing code bases across platforms.
Padarn can be used to create web-based front ends for almost any embedded system.  From test and measurement devices and networking appliances to telematics and industrial automation, if your device has network connectivity, you can leverage Padarn to create a front end that any browser on any platform can reach.  
Padarn web pages have full access to device resources, so they can inspect and affect hardware, they can use databases or write files or just about anything that any other application can do, but they have the advantage of being accessible from any browser on the network.  If you have a device that you would like to remotely configure, update, query data from or reports on then Padarn is the solution for you.
Windows CE is an embedded OS, not a server OS, so Padarn was developed for the same markets.  Padarn is not designed, and will not work, for things like enterprise web servers, e-commerce site hosting, or any other type of usage that will have a large volume of clients attached at once.

Want to see how well this works on a low cost x86 board? Try it out for yourself, here's a link to the ASP.NET implementation running on an ICOP eBox 2300

- Mike

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  1. Un annuncio veramente interessante…

  2. Ant says:

    I’m really impressed! That’s exactly what I asked MS for at every chance… What do you think about licensing it and including it as a CE-Update?

  3. Look at – Remoting and BinaryFormatter for the compact framework compatible with the full .NET framework.

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