Do you have suggestions for making Windows Mobile better?

The Windows Mobile team have setup a Suggestions Box forum for you to share your thoughts on how to make Windows Mobile better - if you have suggestions then drop over to the forum and post the idea!

- Mike

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  1. Jurgen Devlieghere says:


    We are more and more facing difficulties when hiring new developers for writing embedded software. At least part of this is due to the fact that most people like so much more to write in the .NET environment. I cannot blame them, the feeling of productivity you get when writing a C# application is miles away from what you get when writing in C++.

    Actually, this is of course a big hurray towards MS: you did a wonderful job when designing C# and especially with the VS IDE and its really good Intellisense (without this, C# would not have been half as successful).

    Now, I can see that when doing a profit/loss analysis of making C#/.NET real-time aware the picture is not brightly positive. The market is far more devices, but at a substantially lower price.

    On the other hand, the effort would also be not enormous. Not compared to what can be gained by developers all over the world. You need more priority levels, a predictable garbage collection (e.g. with a setting of the maximum time it can put the exe on-hold) and some other goodies, but it’s not terribly extreme.

    So, if the bottom line is positive, but just not good enough to be chosen as a focus for Microsoft, could the community not raise a fund to sponsor? Yeah, I know, why sponsor a company with so much money? Well, to make the bottom line of this project more important, and make C#/.NET also conquer the real-time world. It will make a big difference for the embedded world, more than LINQ will make for a community that has already been flooded by new technologies, and is just not ready yet for another gulf.

  2. Souhail Alavi says:


    I really like to see better tools for creating UI for windows CE, perhaps support for WPF in the next update of WinCE, are there any plans for the next version of WinCE by the way?


  3. Unspecial Person says:

    Making the platform less ELITIST would be a good start.

    Several times, you (mhall) have ignored people asking you simple information about entry to WinCE, and you failed each time to give some kind of reply.

    1) It is still pretty much impossible to buy WinCE in the UK if you’re not a company wanting to sell 1000000000 units of some device. No one will even talk to you if you contact a shop/company as an individual.

    2) Using "trial" versions doesn’t cut it. One would probably be breaking EULAs and what not by reinstalling.

    3) The mess that is PB under VS2005/SP1/Vista/etc… with regards to connecting to a device. I have tried to use an eBox 2300 and a gumstix several times and got frustrated with the amount of hassle/effort involved in getting the thing to just boot anything with ready-made nk.bin’s that are floating out there.

    4) The kernel waiting for certain events to happen without the slightest idea why because it turns out the kernel is waiting for something Active Sync related to kick in, even though I’m doing Network boot.

  4. Denzil Smith says:

    Make windows allow one to delete ALL contacts at one time.

    Toe delete one at a time on the phone when you have 200+ is real painful.

  5. jevans says:

    Allow the user to name additional phone numbers for contacts.  Having default names such as Office, Home, and Mobile is great but Office 2? Home 2? Email 1, 2 & 3?  Let me give them meaningful names.

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