Crop dusting Embedded Systems East!

Its Embedded Systems East this week in Sunny old Boston - On Thursday September 20th we're running a series of sessions at the conference, specifically, .NET Micro Framework, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded CE 6.0, "Keynote with Kevin Dallas", and then another session after the keynote (I can't tell you what the content is for that session, you will have to come along to the keynote to find out!).

So here's the thing... I'm in the office in Seattle all day Wednesday, I'm also in the office in Seattle all day Friday... and, I'm also presenting two sessions and involved in the keynote at ESC East in Boston on Thursday! - Rehearsals for the keynote start at 8am Boston time, its a six hour flight and three hour time difference, so I'm leaving Seattle at 10:40pm Wednesday evening, arriving in Boston at 6:35am on Thursday, keynote rehearsal at 8am, first session at 12:00, keynote at 1:00pm, second session after the keynote at 2pm, and then straight back to the airport for the flight back to Seattle. A total of 12 hours flight time for 11 hours on the ground in Boston - now that's Crop Dusting!

I will post more information about the breakout sessions and keynote probably on the flight coming home - hopefully I will get this online on Friday.

- Mike

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