Managed Web Services running on Windows CE and Windows Mobile ?

If you're a desktop developer you are probably very familiar with both building and consuming XML Web Services from managed code - Web Services is a really simple way to share information between two devices. We've been supporting Web Services on Windows CE for some time now, unfortunately the only way to expose XML Web Services from Windows CE (until now) has been through the SOAP Toolkit, COM/ATL (don't you just love COM!), and the native code HTTPD Web Server.

It looks like you now have a second option... Go take a look at Richard Jones Blog, Richard has been hard at work building a managed code Web Services stack to run on Windows CE and Windows Mobile - it looks like the source code is also available.

Sounds pretty cool! - If I get a few spare minutes I'd like to try this out - if you've worked with it then do post some comments, I'd be interested in knowing how well this works.

- Mike

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  1. j.spraul says:

    The Windows CE Networking Team really has had their head stuck in the sand on this one. (Hopefully things are changing as more of WCF comes to the device…)

    "ASP.Net on Windows CE" August 23, 2006

    (Summary: No & not planned)

    I chose option 2 there (ISAPI proxy to C# app) because of SSL support.

    ~John S.

  2. j.spraul says:

    The TCP part is a good example of the need to use the Socket class directly in order to allow time-outs in .NET CF, but would otherwise be a TCPClient.

    The HTTP part splits the first line of the request (method, uri, querystring), and hands the whole thing to the response. Also, support for content length & type headers in the response is there.

    The SOAP demo is 5 hard-coded responses. All the string +=’s (82?) should be changed to StringBuilder.Add or better if this is going to be used anywhere.

    The implementation appears to be very light-weight, which is good for its intended target of Windows Mobile devices. Of course, this means a lot of text parsing is left as an exercise for the reader.

  3. Richard Jones says:

    I should probably just clarify the mission here.

    I was trying to produce something that would cater for a low number of hits and very simple implementation of a subset of SOAP.  So light/weight is the name of the game 🙂

  4. Building XML Web Services for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Back in 2002 I wrote an article for MSDN that talked

  5. Building XML Web Services for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Back in 2002 I wrote an article for MSDN that talked

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