The Windows Embedded team is hiring!

Go check out two blog posts on the Windows XP Embedded blog - they are looking for developers and testers!

  1. The Windows Embedded team is hiring Developers.
  2. The Windows Embedded team is hiring Testers.

- Mike

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  1. Shuky Persky says:


    I’m Shuky Persky from Israel. I’m a senior embedded designer / developer / lecturer in the arena of embedded SW.

    I work w/ PACIFIC SW which is one of the companies that is classified as

    Microsoft’s certified partners for managing windows CE 6.0 courses

    I’m looking to directly contact the office/person who is in charge to manage the "Windows CE 6.0 TTT" (train the trainer) course. I wish to become certified to conduct Windows CE 6.0 courses for embedded developers

    Appreciate if u can advise.

    my contact info:

    email :

    cell  : +972.50.543-2266

    contact point at PACIFIC SW:

    Steven Harari:

    Chaim Geron  :

    Pls advise.

    Tnx, Shuky

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