New CE 6.0 SP1 Screencasts coming soon…

The CE 6.0 SP1 release contains a number of updates that are useful for developers using CE 6.0 - the release is a tools only update (no changes to the CE 6.0 operating system or catalog of components) that provides Vista compatibility for the CE 6.0 tools and also some really cool tool updates, which include the Remote Tools Framework (RTFx), eXdi2 Emulator Driver, and CEDebugX - I created some demos for these new tool updates for this years International MEDC events and have been meaning to record these and release to Channel9 as Screencasts (or Video Podcasts if you prefer) - It looks like I have some free time later this week, so will aim to record the demos and get them posted online.

- Mike 

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  1. imrank says:

    Humm… I notices there some issues:

    After installing SP1 for VS2005, which add an Add-on  component for PB. This help VS2005 to eliminate requirement of CEDebugX(5 or 6).DLL load process manaully unlike in PB5, where user has to load these addon DLLs. So far So good…

    But the real issue begins as I draw the scene:

    1) Initiate the HOPPER.EXE on device

    2) MS hopper continues to run generating random key strokes to simulate host of program or single program. If hopper crash show which module created exception raised or data abort error as follow:

    135635723 PID:43110f56 TID:62fe1152 Data Abort: Thread=82a10750 Proc=80369120 ‘poutlook.exe’

    135635724 PID:43110f56 TID:62fe1152 AKY=00000401 PC=03f6ffe8(coredll.dll+0x00021fe8) RA=50616548(???+0x50616548) BVA=ffffffa8 FSR=00000007

    3) When this error encountered by OS, system slip into break mode (or manually you can bring into break) and generate the debug DUMP (roughly around 94mb in size).

    4) Once the dump file on hand you may run CEDebugX to get details of crash in more readable manner on PB5.(by diagnose utility at CEDebugX command prompt).

    5) But VS2005 failed to generate such crash details log file even though necessary PDB files are in its path correctly mapped to generate sensible info.

    6) This strange behaviour in VS2005 a complete contradict its capability as geniune debugging tool in compare to PB5? As Microsoft continue to shift dev enviroment on the VS2005. I am grappling with this issue quite while finally I have to uninstall VS2005 and install old fashioned PB5!

    7) Another area is to connecting CETK test program  over KITL tend to fails. Even though KITL is running and VS2005 Output window intercepting all the messages i.e.(WARNING, INFORMATION) etc on the screen.

    I really hope if any one have different experience, in this area or more positive outcome. I will he glad to hear/read.

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