CE4All Blog up and running…

Some of the developers at Intrinsyc have started a blog to provide hints and tips to developers building embedded systems based on Windows CE - the blog authors have extensive knowledge of Windows CE having worked on devices based on the early releases of Windows CE through to the very latest editions.

Recent posts include information about Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) 6.1 [an update that supports embedded and mobile devices], Bluetooth, and O/S build.

Here's a link to the CE4All blog.

- Mike

Comments (4)

  1. amvyas82 says:

    Can we add GPRS support over Windows CE? I don’t need voice calls but I need data connectivity with WWAN.

    Do we have components in Windows CE platform builder that we can add to platform and make data connectivity possible over Windows CE?

    I know this is a very rough high level question, but your ideas/inputs/ suggestions on this are highly appreciated.


  2. mikehall says:

    Yes, Windows CE 6.0 includes support for Cellcore which provides an interface for GSM/GPRS/CDMA radios.

    More information is available here – http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa921520.aspx

    – Mike

  3. linkinparkromeo says:

    Hi Mike,i wanted to Port WindowsCE 4.2 or 5.0 on a 64bit processor platform.

    how much is possible ?what do i need to concentrate on.?

    I have an already built Nk.bin image for the 32 bit processor,for example intel pentium ..

    If i port the same image to the 64 bit processor ,will it work without any problems ?

    Thanks and Regards,


  4. mikehall says:

    Windows CE is a 32-bit operating system, it may be possible to run Windows CE on a 64-bit processor running in 32-bit mode.

    – Mike

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