Amazing Security at Microsoft Australia!

MEDC 2007 Australia/New Zealand kicks off tomorrow morning (Tuesday 15th May), today we've been at the Microsoft Sydney office and have been rehearsing the keynote and sessions for MEDC.

Security at the Microsoft office is amazing, take a look at the image below, even the bathrooms appear to have cardkey access!

Vox 041

I joined Microsoft back in 1994, and was initially working in the Developer Support group, after spending four amazing years supporting C/C++, MASM, MFC, driver development, FORTRAN (yes, Microsoft had a Fortran compiler back in 1994!) - I moved to the OEM System Engineering team, I spent my time running around Europe working with OEMs that were interested in porting Windows CE to their custom hardware - My manager at that time was a guy called Martin Gregory.

Anyhow, I've not seen Martin for about seven years, and who should I run into at the Microsoft Sydney/Australia office today, yep, you guessed it, Martin Gregory (here he is sat at his desk in the Sydney office) - I think my memory must be going a little weird on me, I seem to remember Martin having a little more hair last time I saw him...

Vox 037

I'm hoping we can catch up sometime over the next few days...

- Mike

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  1. Nigel Goodyear says:

    I remember Martin. Can not believe it’s been that long and yes I’m sure he had more hair (but didn’t we all!).

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