MEDC 2007: Speaker Scores (Mobile vs. Embedded)

This year introduces another way for speakers to be competitive, not content with just seeing who the best speakers are, this year Derek introduced the Windows Mobile vs. Windows Embedded chart...

Congratulations must go to Doug Boling for taking the top session slot, and also getting six of his sessions into the top 10!

The scores from the last session of the conference aren't in yet, but here's how the scores looked just before the end of the conference... Close, very close, but I guess there's always a winner and a loser... (and looking at the scores it looks like you, the attendee are the winner here - anything above 7.2 for a conference is considered to be excellent).

Vox 008

- Mike

Comments (2)

  1. Jack says:

    Hello, I attended the pre-conference class of Doug’s, but I have problem getting materials(presentation file). Is there any way for me to get that?



  2. mikehall says:

    Hi Jack,

    All conference materials will be sent out to attendees on DVDs, we’ve just received the first set of DVDs to verify, so I would expect you will get the content within a few weeks.

    – Mike

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