Hotels and hot water ?

Why is it that you turn on a hot water tap in your hotel room and you get instant hot water, but at home you have to wait for the hot water to come through ?

- Mike

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  1. Dean Harding says:

    It’s quite simple.

    Basically, you have a big pipe that runs from the central heater all throughout hotel and back to the heater again. Where you have a bathroom, you simply have a short pipe from the "central" pipe to the hot water tap. Keep hot water flowing through the central pipes and it’s only a short distance from there to the tap.

    Mind you, I’ve stayed in plenty of hotels where the hot water was not instant 😉

  2. David Ing says:

    ‘Recirculating hot water systems, designed to provide nearly instantaneous hot water at the tap, have become a common amenity, especially in hotels and large high-end multifamily residential complexes, where a high level of convenience is expected’

  3. Funny says:

    Hey Mike.

    I think it is because at home your hot water heater is running CE and NK.bin takes a lifetime to boot.

    Probally service pack related though.  Just reboot 🙂

  4. Mahesh says:

    Very simple.

    At home, you dont pay per day and no service charges included.

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