MEDC Keynote Demo: Recording at Studios.

MEDC 2007 kicks off in Las Vegas this coming week with the keynote on Tuesday morning at 8:30am - we have several keynote demos lined up, one of which uses a TON of hardware (which I need to hand carry to Las Vegas at 4am Sunday morning!).

For last years MEDC International event we needed to carry a large case full of Point of Service hardware, laptops, and networking gear.

For this years events I wanted to make sure we could easily reproduce the keynote demos from Las Vegas without needing to carry tons of hardware around the world - so Ilya Bukshteyn and I spent some time on Friday at Microsoft studios recording one of the keynote videos - the demo is based in a home, in an office, and in someone else's home. Once the video is done I will post a copy online so you can see the end result.

Here's a few photo's of the "set" at Microsoft Studios, I'm sure the shots will look great, it's interesting to see just how little of the "room" exists when you are filming.

Here's the photos - in order - In the home, in the office, and at another house.

Vox 015


Vox 017

Vox 014

Hope to see you in Las Vegas for MEDC 2007 !

- Mike

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