MEDC 2007 – How not to present…

Some of the content owners for MEDC 2007 have put together a short video showing some of the ways "NOT" to present at a conference.

Have you seen any presentations like the ones in the video ?

- Mike

Comments (5)

  1. Ian says:

    Ha ha ha! I nearly wet my jockies laughing at this!

  2. BCross says:

    "It’s a C++ thing."  I love it!

  3. Jon Daley says:

    "Only one error, should be easy to fix"…

  4. Rahul Desai says:

    "Line 688…..612…..Where was it? Where was the error?"…….even better

  5. Rahul Desai says:

    I also like the way he is not ready to get one of his hand out of his baggies pocket…

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