.NET Micro Framework book is done…

Go check out the .NET Micro Framework blog - it looks like Rob Miles and Donald Thompson have completed the book on .NET Micro Framework development - there's no mention of when the book will be available in the stores.

The .NET Micro Framework is an interesting technology that could be interesting for professional developers, academics, and hobbyist developers - there's just so much amazing technology coming out of Microsoft that links into the embedded world, .NET Micro Framework, updates for CE 6.0, Robotics Studio, Windows XP Embedded updates, the just released update to Windows Embedded for Point of Service.

We live in interesting times! - Talk about being a kid in a candy store, there's just way too much cool stuff to play with, the biggest problem is knowing what to play with first!

Many of these technologies will be showcased at MEDC 2007 - if you haven't booked a place at one of the world-wide conferences you had

- Mike

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