MEDC is just like managed development.

MEDC is an event, right ? And the MSDN C# Documentation clearly states that Delegates are the basis for Events.

Makes sense, right ?

- Mike

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  1. bpesics says:


    This might be offtopic here, but is it possible to buy a small amount of windows ce licences online? If not, why not?



  2. Just two more weeks until… Microsoft MEDC 2007 Location:The Venetian Resort Hotel, Las Vegas, NV Dear

  3. mikehall says:


    Licenses are handled by a series of world-wide distributors, you can get a list from the Windows Embedded Partners site –

    I’m not aware of any distribution partners that make licenses available online – you might want to talk to your local distributor to find out how they make licenses available.

    – Mike

  4. Dan McCarty says:

    Kind of like Putin’s "managed democracy"…?


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