MEDC 2007: Are you working on a Sumo Robot solution ?

Hey, just want to get a feel for how many people might be taking part in the Sumo Robotics competition at this years MEDC 2007 event.

Drop a comment and let me know if you are taking part.


- Mike

Comments (7)

  1. Marco Dal Pino says:

    Yes, we are testing.


    DPCons – Italy

  2. Aleh says:


    Do you happen to know what is the status of SumoBot competition that was going to be held by the WE-DIG guys?


  3. Kris says:

    If I have the time in the week prior to MEDC to program a bot, I’ll do it.  I enjoyed it the last time I did it a couple years ago (and promptly lost a sensor input).

    Are the signups still in person at MEDC?

  4. mikehall says:

    this years Sumo event is slightly different. Last year you got your MicroFramework Sumo Robotics hardware at event registration, this was handled as first come, first served. If you weren’t in the first 40 people to sign up then you didn’t get to take part in the competition.

    Since the Robotics Studio 1.5 bits and SumoRobotics simulator are all posted online you can download the bits and start working on your code now. Bring your code/solution to the pre-conference tutorial on Robotics Studio and you get to run your code in a Virtual Sumo Competition – the top "n" players will then move forward to the hardware based competition.

    – Mike

  5. Dan McCarty says:

    Do you still need a "team of 4" to compete or are soloists allowed?

  6. mikehall says:

    Soloists are allowed and encouraged.

    – Mike

  7. John says:

    Is there any information on the pre-conference tutorial on Robotics Studio?  Is on the monday before the conference?

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