Robotics Studio 1.5 CTP – MEDC Sumo Robotics Competition Simulator.

MEDC 2007 Las Vegas is getting close, just a few short weeks away! - one of the highlights of the MEDC event is the evening Sumo Robotics competition, this year we're introducing a new format for the competition - the robots will be running Windows Embedded CE 6.0 (running on an ICOP eBox 2300) and be based on the iRobot Create platform - the code that controls the robots will be written using Microsoft Robotics Studio.

To write your Sumo Robotics code for the competition you will need the following:

You now have everything you need to get started... It's time to get cranking on your search and destroy code (and perhaps the all important victory dance!).

- Mike

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  1. More information here – and Information on Robotics Studio and The Sumo Competition

  2. Mike says:

    Is this the same code package we will be given when we sign up for the sumo-bot event?  Will we receive an actual sumo-bot or will it all be done in the simulator?

  3. mikehall says:

    your development will be done in the simulator – bring your code with you to the event – we will have a simulated knock-out competition followed by a hardware based competition.

    – Mike

  4. More information here – and Information on Robotics Studio and The Sumo Competition

  5. Mike V. says:

    I imagine the simulator will prove quite different from a real environment. Will be have time to tinker with the hardware before our code is run on them?

  6. John says:

    How many people will make it into the hardware based competition, and will we be able to fine turn our code to the hardware before the competition? Will we have access to the actual hardware before the competition?

  7. mikehall says:


    I *think* we have enough hardware for 40 teams to take part in the hardware competition.


    Yes, there will be time to fine tune your code before the competition – you will have access to hardware in the wireless lounge (in the exhibition area), we will have some Sumo rings there for you to practice.

    – Mike

  8. John says:

    is there a forum anywhere for discussing sumobot issues? It seems that even in the sample sumoplayer code, the RobotUpdateBumpsCliffsAndWallsHandler handler is never getting called, so the bump sensor states are never being set.

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