Take a look at the Windows Mobile "DeepFish" Browser.

Mobile devices have screens that are typically smaller and running at a lower resolution that your typical desktop/laptop PC (my laptop is running at 1920x1200), when you open a typical web page the content is designed to be viewed at desktop resolutions, which means that you are using the cursor keys to navigate the page on your mobile device.

Take a look at the DeepFish browser from Microsoft Live Labs.

There's also a cool video over at On10.net

- Mike

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  1. Hello Mike,

    I think this expressive technology would be much better if a mobile device had two displays (for example, Nintendo DS Lite) – the first one (on the top) for viewing and the second one (in the bottom) for positioning that frame for zooming. As for cell phones form factors – Motorola RAZR V3 – the second touch-sensitive display is placed instead of a keypad – like a touchpad of a notebook.

    Personally, I’m working on a cell PC concept – http://geocities.com/gene_technics/ – and the similar way, the Live Preview (using Galleries on the second display) from Office 2007 would be implemented.


    Michael Molin

    GeneTechnics Company

  2. Alex says:

    Hi Mike,

    We have a WinCE BSP is it possible to install on our platform the Deepfish browser?

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