Arrived in Dallas…

First leg of the trip to Phoenix is complete - it's 5:34am in Dallas (3:34am Redmond/Phoenix) - next flight is at 7:25am Dallas time.


Interestingly, T-Mobile have a Windows Vista promotion running - which appears to give you FREE wireless access for a limited time - awesome!

- Mike

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  1. Helge Kruse says:

    03:34 am and Starbucks Coffee at your sight. The next target was clear …

  2. JasperM says:

    If you ever make it back to DFW (DF-dub) you should visit the D terminal…its beautiful now.  There’s also some nice Samsung displays around the terminals as well…

  3. Poor Mike! However, I saw him present today at ASU, and he’s just finished his full day of talks and labs. Coffee was on tap for him. The effect was… Another great Mike presentation. 🙂

    However, I had to say I’m shocked that this happened at all. I left MS at about the same time as Mike but I noticed the traffic jam on my Smartphone, so I re-routed myself around the jam to arrive in time at the airport for a nice relaxing dinner.

    Sorry to hear of your woes, Mike! You should try one of these new-fangled phone thingies sometime! ;o)

  4. Rosyna says:

    "T-Mobile have a Windows Vista promotion running"

    don’t you mean, "T-Mobile has a Windows Vista promotion running"?

    Also, it’s good that the temps aren’t yet in the 100s. That probably would not have been too nice.

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