MEDC 2007: Track owners Meeting.

There is a TON of work that goes into putting on an event like MEDC 2007 - The planning for the next event gets started soon after the previous event has ended - With six or so weeks to the event itself we're having multiple meetings each week to track content, labs, keynote demos, logistics and more.

In this video we take a peek into one of the MEDC Track Owner meetings - Track owners are responsible for making sure that speakers turn in their slides and labs on time, that the content is appropriate for the subject being presented, for scheduling dry runs of all track content and providing content and speaker feedback. 

The content owner for this years event is Derek Snyder who is running the track content owner meeting. 

Video: Planning MEDC 2007: Within the Track Owner Meeting

We will continue to capture video of the planning around MEDC 2007 and show some of the session rehearsals and speaker training.

- Mike

Comments (1)

  1. Derek Snyder says:

    It takes so long to prepare, but I really think the event itself will be reward enough!

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