Download: VS 2005 SP1 Update for Windows Vista

The Visual Studio 2005 SP1 update for Windows Vista is now available - more information, and the download link can be found on Somasegar's Blog.

Want to find out more about the SP1 update for Vista, check out "Soma's" Q&A on Microsoft PressPass.

- Mike

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  1. Alex Oleynikov says:

    Since the previous VS2005 SP1 thread is already disabled for comments, I decided to post it here.

    Many folks have complained that after installing SP1 the CMAccept method of connecting to the target becomes broken.

    I had the same problem and was ready to uninstall the SP1, but then I tried one last thing and it seems to have resolved the problem.

    Basically, I have added following registry key to my OS image (project.reg) to bypass CMAccept call and it helped:



    Hope, this helps someone else too.

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