A peek at some Windows Mobile 6 devices

 Today, Derek Snyder dropped in on Raleigh Paenitz, the Windows Mobile "Lab Guy" - Raleigh has just returned from 3GSM with a bag full of goodies - check out some of the new and interesting Windows Mobile 6 devices you may not have seen yet.

Video: MEDC Podcast #3: Lord of Devices

 - Mike

Comments (9)

  1. very nice devices and i have one question to the phone which can SIP.

    Which server is needed in the background to use the sip communication.

    regards patrick

  2. Jim Huddle says:

    Do any of these have CE 6?  I need RIL capability "offered" by CE 6 (apparently offered since CE 4.2).  However, finding CE 6 details has been difficult.  After an hour of surfing, I’m not even sure if WM6 is built on CE 6….   Finally, I’ve got a perfectly capable smartphone (SX-66) and it doesn’t have CE6 access.  Can I  build my own CE environ on that device (eliminating whatever consumer OS; WM5, WM6, etc) and begin R&D/Testing these low-level CE6 routines?

  3. mikehall says:

    Windows Mobile 6 is based around the Windows CE 5.0 kernel.

    Windows Mobile OEMs typically don’t release the Board Support Packages needed to allow customers to build their own custom operating system image.

    – Mike

  4. Jim Huddle says:

    ps:  Your webcast link "Webcast: Rapidly Building Consumer Devices on Windows Embedded CE." should actually read: "Webinar: Rapidly Building Multimedia Devices on Windows Embedded CE"

  5. Jim Huddle says:

    Wow!  That was a fast response!  Thanks Mike.  Looks like it’s back to the cow-milking machine.  One last question:  Do you know of any "boards" that support both CE 6 and GSM?  Anything will do, even a breadboard.  But the closer to a small, static-safe, batteries-included box; the better.  It does NOT have to support WMx.  Thanks again for the response.

  6. mikehall says:

    Windows Mobile devices have the RIL hardware integrated on the system board – CE 6.0 devices would need to be developed to have the RIL hardware on the board. An alternative is to use devices like the Enfora Serial/USB device and connect this to an existing low power hardware reference board that supports a serial or USB connection.

    Check out the Enfora site – https://www.enfora.com/shop/detail.aspx?ID=35 to get more information on stand-alone RIL devices.

    – Mike

  7. Derek Snyder says:

    Patrick- the story with VoIP and Windows Mobile 6 is that the SIP is locked in. VoIP is only possible if the OEM/Operators enable it, thus giving them a chance to lock it to a particular SIP (no doubt through a partnership that involves monetization).


  8. Hi Derek,

    if i read all this discussion i get the idear to create my own WM6 Image which supports SIP. My question is: Isn’t it possible to realize my own created Windows Mobil 6 Image with the Plattformbuilder? what do you think, it’s possible or not?

    Bye patrick

  9. Derek Snyder says:

    Unfortunately, no– you can’t construct a Windows Mobile ROM image with platform builder. We work exclusively with mobile operators and OEMs to provide them the bits, then they customize from there based on their hardware.

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