Scheduling MEDC 2007.

Today Derek and I sit down and slot all of the MEDC 2007 sessions into the session/room grid - There's 140 sessions (not counting labs) that cover application development, business, IT Pro, CE, XPE, Micro Framework, WEPOS, Windows Mobile etc... Turns out to be quite the interesting exercise.

- Mike

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  1. casner says:

    Just make sure the sessions I want to go to don’t overlap!  See, it’s easy 😉

  2. chips4brains says:

    When can we expect the finished schedule to be


    I was suprised to see that MEDC was only three days

    with the amount of content being presented.

  3. mikehall says:

    a list of sessions is already available – take a look here –

    – Mike

  4. chips4brains says:

    I know the session list is available but the breakdown with the timeslots is not.  Hard to plan when date and time isn’t available.  We’re going to be sending multiple people but until we have an agenda we won’t know if we can cover all the sessions we want with 2 or 3 people.  What I really need is that session room grid breakdown.

  5. mikehall says:

    Some of the ‘core’ sessions have been locked – we spent this morning working in the Instructor led labs.

    Next step is to fit the rest of the sessions into the grid and make sure we don’t have any speaker/topic conflicts. I expect we will have this done early next week.

    We can the post the schedule online.

    – Mike

  6. Jay says:

    Are there 5 tracks or 7? If you click on "Sessions and Tracks", it says that there are over 130 sessions in 5 tracks. But if you then click on the "Find out" link, the page that takes you to says there are 203 sessions, and the track dropdown list has 7 tracks.

  7. Michael Pearce says:


    Any indication on when MEDC Australia details are going to be published?

    Cheers, Michael.

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