Meet Ilya Bukshteyn, Director of Marketing for Windows Embedded.

If you were at Embedded World 2007 in Nuremberg/Germany you probably met with Ilya, the director of marketing for the Windows Embedded products - I wanted to interview Ilya to find out more about his background and thoughts on the Embedded market.

I had to break the video into two parts to upload - here's part 1.

 and the second part of the interview.

 Let me know if you would like to see more interviews like this.

- Mike

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  1. JJ Cale says:

    When talking about the range of .NET – all the way from servers to PCs, phones (compact) and embedded (micro) – do not forget smart cards. Not brought to you by Microsoft (but <a href="">endorsed|used</a> by them). Hey .NET is open for innovation!!

    The .NET Smart Card Framework enables digital identity applications – secure authentication, certificate management, one time passwords, biometrics, CardSpace STS and the like. For more, see <a href=""&gt;.NET in a Smart Card</a>.

    May a thousand flowers bloom.

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