MEDC 2007 Podcast #1 – A chat with Derek Snyder and Mike Hall

 Derek Snyder (all up content owner for MEDC 2007) dropped by my office this afternoon for a chat about MEDC 2007 - Since we're talking about MEDC 2007 we recorded the conversation and here's the result.

Check out the Windows Mobile "Pirate" vest.

There's a ton of interesting content coming to this years event, on the embedded side we will have content covering the .NET Micro Framework, Windows Embedded CE 6.0, Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 2 Feature Pack 2007, Windows Embedded for Point of Service, and of course technologies that touch embedded including Microsoft Robotics Studio. 

- Mike

Comments (2)

  1. Jadeja Dushyantsinh A. says:

    Hi Mike,

    Couple things to ask:

    1. Derek mentioned in his talk that Windows Mobile 6 is out. Does that mean Windows Mobile 6 SDKs are availble for Download?

    2. You had mentioned about some CE 6.0 Academic Trainin? if possible can you share some more information on that.

    Thank you!


    Jadeja Dushyantsinh A.

  2. Dave says:

    Where can people get the pirate Windows Mobile jacket?

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