Webinar: Rapidly Building Multimedia Devices on Windows Embedded CE

According to the 2003 Embedded Market Forecasters report, nearly a third of final designs fail to meet at least 50% of pre-design expectations. Discover how Windows Embedded can help you balance more complex applications and shorter product development timeframes while meeting the need for value-added features. In this Webcast, we'll focus on the fast growing market of Consumer Electronics, and how to overcome the challenges around Digital Rights Management and Digital Video Playback/Recording efficiently with Windows Embedded CE. You'll get an overview of the next generation of Windows CE, CE 6.0, with special emphasis on the embedded components that are aligned for consumer electronics, silicon board availability and market insights/trends for the next generation of devices.

Pacific Standard Time
Wed, Feb 28, 2007 10:00 AM

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- Mike

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  1. Today Jeff Albertson and I hosted a Webinar with CMP on the topic of " Building Consumer Electronics

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