Video: .NET Micro Framework, Invaders and Robots.

I managed to get some time with Olivier Bloch, Embedded DPE for Microsoft France - we've been presenting embedded sessions at Microsoft Tech Days covering .NET Micro Framework, CE 6.0, XP Embedded, WEPOS and Robotics Studio.

Take a look at the following video where we show how easy it is to write .NET Micro Framework applications for a Freescale Reference Board - we start with "Hello World" being deployed to the NETMF emulator, and then move onto a version of Space Invaders :O) 

Oliver then takes over as we look at how the Freescale board can be used as a remote controller for a Parallax Beo-Bot robot. The Freescale board is connected to Olivier's laptop over a serial connection, the PC is running Microsoft Robotics Studio (with a customized service to capture the serial data and convert into movement commands), Robotics Studio is then connected to the Parallax robot over a Bluetooth connection (you will see how this works when you watch the video).

The video has a lot of background noise - the conference center was tearing down one event and building another. 

- Mike 

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  1. Patrick Heyde says:

    thats cool,

    can you tell me how many diffenrent hardware component exists in the moment? i have seen robots, the board with buttons and a little screen. but what is with sensors?

    regard from berlin


  2. Jon Daley says:

    That’s nifty, but how realistic is it that the hardware would already be supported off-the-shelf?

    Lots of demo/development boards come with stuff all setup, but then when you go to make your own board, that will fit inside the device, etc. then the tools have more problems.

    It seems to me that is where the interesting/hard part comes in.

    PS. Impressive that you can write a space invaders game from scratch on any platform in less than an hour…  I would guess that has more to do with the programmer than the language)

    PPS. My CE 5.0 project that started out working so well has come to a screeching halt. I (and the BSP provider) haven’t been able to figure out what the IDE devices aren’t showing up in the storage manager.  I just installed the latest QFEs, and now the display driver doesn’t work either.  I am waiting on the vendor to see if they support CE 5.0 with the latest QFEs…

  3. Mike says:

    There are a number of .NET Micro Framework boards in development, when released I expect that the boards will be listed here –

    Digi have a number of boards in development, see here for more information –

    Space Invaders isn’t quite complete, I don’t have any bases at the bottom of the screen, the invaders don’t (yet) drop bombs, and there isn’t a mother ship – I might get those bits implemented shortly :O)

    – Mike

  4. Michael says:

    Very Very Cool! But how hard is it to make your own custom BSP? Is the process straitforward?

    Also… does the .NET framework run on top of windows CE? Or is it a library that you can link in with any OS?

    For example, you may want the simplicity of writing code with the .net framework for 90% of your embedded applications, however there may be a 10% critical area that requires advanced features not found in windows CE.  (MILS, DO-178B, etc)

  5. Mike says:

    The .NET Framework comes in three flavors…

    1. .NET Framework – this runs on Windows XP/Vista

    2. .NET Compact Framework – this runs on Windows CE/Windows Mobile

    3. .NET Micro Framework – this is either a stand alone framework that runs directly on hardware, or could be ported to run on top of other/existing operating systems.

    The .NET Micro Framework web site will be updated shortly to list partners that can assist with porting the .NET Micro Framework.

    the Digi ConnectMe board runs the .NET Micro Framework on top of another (non-Microsoft) operating system.

    – Mike

  6. At Embedded World in Nuremberg/Germany the .NET Micro Framework team released the .NET Micro Framework

  7. Smartymobile says:

    También está en el aire el sdk del micro framework para visual studio 2005. Aquí Olivier Bloch muestra

  8. wmugperu says:

    También está en el aire el sdk del micro framework para visual studio 2005. Aquí Olivier Bloch muestra…

  9. Smartymobile says:

    También está en el aire el sdk del micro framework para visual studio 2005. Aquí Olivier Bloch muestra

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