Windows CE 6.0: What "How To" articles would you like to see written?

Have you been developing BSPs, creating new operating system images, testing or debugging operating system images and wished there was an article that explained exactly “How To” do something? The Windows Embedded Documentation team are looking for “How To” article suggestions. If you have any article suggestions then please send them to – Mike


On10: Interview with Scott Davis: A look behind Windows Embedded.

This week the Windows Embedded group released Windows Embedded CE 6.0 – In this On10 interview Scott Davis talks about gadgets, where things are going, and why you may not have as many cables in the future. Embedded systems are quickly becoming the norm, from digital picture frames and remote controls in your living room to the…


Visual Studio 2008 Shipped! (What does that mean for Embedded?)

Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 (and the .NET Compact Framework 3.5) has shipped – more information is available on Somasegar’s blog. What does this mean for Embedded developers? – Let’s take a look at this in “size” order. .NET Micro Framework – The .NET Micro Framework development tools are currently at version…


Seattle Robotics Society meeting – Robotics Studio, R2D2, and Odd car.

On Saturday I attended the Seattle Robotics Society meeting – this months meeting had Joseph Fernando (photo below), an Architect in the Robotics Studio team giving an overview of Microsoft Robotics Studio, and the CCR/DSS programming model. Other items of interest at the meeting were… Parked just outside of Renton Technical College (where the Seattle…


WSDAPI application crash on Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008

Dan Driscoll has posted an article on his blog that might be interesting for any of you that have recently started working on WSD (Web Services on Devices) [also known as Devices Profile for Web Services (DPWS)] – WSD is one of the new features exposed in the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 release. Dan’s article…


Imagine Cup 2008, Paris, France – Register your team now !

Imagine a world where technology is an ally of the planet, not an adversary. A world where software enables us to interpret environmental indicators, predict the outcomes of our actions, improve our consumption of precious resources, and live more in balance with our environment. In Imagine Cup 2008, we challenge the top student technologists around…


Microsoft Robotics Studio @ Seattle Robotics Society (Nov 17th)

If you are in the Seattle area on November 17th and are interested in finding out more about Microsoft Robotics Studio then you are in luck! – Joseph Fernando (Program Manager, Microsoft Robotics team) will be presenting a session on Robotics Studio. More information, and directions can be found on the Seattle Robotics Society site….


CE 6.0 R2 Launch event – Coffee, Breakfast (Donuts!), and Video!

The “Live” CE 6.0 R2 launch event is happening later today at Embedded Technology, Japan – since most of the CE 6.0 development team aren’t going to Japan we setup some space in the Cafe to watch the (almost live) webcast – The webcast is happening “Super Early” (9am, which is of course super early for…


CE 6.0 for Hobbyists

Today, Kevin Dallas (General Manager for the Windows Embedded Business at Microsoft) announced the “Spark” initiative during the CE 6.0 R2 launch event – Today we have two versions of CE 6.0 available, the evaluation edition (which runs for 180 days), and the full version of the product that retails for $995. Up to now we’ve…


CE 6.0 R2 Launch Preparations in Yokohama/Japan.

The CE 6.0 R2 launch webcast is starting in about 20 minutes! (and will be available to view after the event), preparations are also underway in Yokohama/Japan for the “Live” keynote presentation at Embedded Technology World. Unfortunately I’m not in Japan for the live launch event, so will be viewing the webcast from the comfort…