Project Socrates – Phidgets How To.

Jim Wilson, embedded MVP (Jim, where's your blog site URL?) - has posted an excellent tutorial on how to get Phidgets working with the ICOP eBox 2300, here's a link to the tutorial

Here's what the tutorial (including images) covers:

  • How to create a CE 6.0 OS Design
  • How to include external drivers in your OS Design, not originally included with the BSP.
  • How to include and configure the CE software components (CoreCon) needed to make a connection for application debugging.
  • How to make an application automatically load when CE starts up.
  • How to use the Phidgets API to write a simple application to control a servo while obtaining readings from an A/D interface connected to an IR ranging sensor.  
  • How to install your final OS Design on the eBox 2300 for automatic booting.
  • Obviously the tutorial can easily be modified to also work with other devices.

    - Mike

    Comments (2)

    1. Concerned Hobbyist says:

      Dear Mike,

      You have several great posts about ICOP mini computers.. But it doesn’t help people like me, who don’t work in the "embedded industry", that most of the shops in Europe do not sell those boxes.

      They either sell to wholesalers only, or as soon as they find out I am just a hobbyist, rack up the price big time.

      DSL Limited ( quoted me:

      Description: Ebox 2300 Windows Ce 6.0 Development Kit

      Price 1-9 off: £279

      This is quite an insult, considering that the normal $250 price translates to roughly £130-140. Even with VAT/Taxes/Delivery, it’s still cheaper to import from the US. The problem here is that many US shops require a courrier account number (which I do not have), or do not ship to Europe.

      So how are we supposed to discover the Windows embedded world when one is being raped or is unable to get anything?

      Thanks for your comments.

    2. sanjaykumar says:

      It will better if all articles/demos use CEPC as standard platform

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