.NET MicroFramework book – want to review it ?

Donald Thompson, Architect on the .NET MicroFramework team (links to a new .NET MicroFramework MSDN web site) and Rob Miles, university Lecturer, UK, are working on a .NET MicroFramework book! (woot!) - Donald and Rob are planning to drop unedited sample chapters for you to review on the .NET MicroFramework book site (book overview already posted) - The site also has an RSS feed so you can keep up to date with the latest information.

What is the .NET Micro Framework?

It provides a platform for running programs written in C# on a small device. The C# source code is compiled into MSIL (Microsoft(tm) Intermediate Language) and this is interpreted by a program running on the target hardware. There is no operating system as such, for resource management the running program simply makes calls into the language libraries.

More FAQ's can be found on the .NET MicroFramework book site here.

- Mike

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